Our approach

                              Our approach

We bring together young people, students, entrepreneurs, professionals, experts, industry leaders, governments, and authorities. We connect and empower young people in collaboration. Our aim is to promote an entrepreneurial mindset, connect people, and create an unstoppable stream of actions towards the transformation we want to see in the world.

What we do:


We provide a platform for young people to lead the change through collaboration, learning by doing, openness, trust, and transparency. We work together, we trust each other, and we are ambitious.

We promote growth and entrepreneurial mindset in our Ambitious community of practice.


We aim to bridge the gap between youth across the continents of Africa and Europe (the Nordics), creating an open environment for growth and international collaboration. We build local communities, as well as one global Ambitious community.

We create a super-connected network with shared leadership, open not only to a few but for everybody.


We believe in the power of “Talkoot”—the power of people with shared values coming together to find solutions to common challenges. We encourage learning by doing cooperatively to solve real-life problems.

Through our actions, we want to tackle local community challenges as well as global challenges.


Our goal is to transform the collaboration between Africa and the Nordics in 5 years. For this, we need to set Ambitious goals for ourselves that we can split into doable parts to finally reach the SDGs.

We bring people together to get things done and to make the transformation happen.

How we do it



We come together with an open mind. We share, listen, and learn from each other. We share stories, learnings, and experiences to promote a growth attitude among our Ambitious community.

We grow together by learning together.


We are a community. We come together to share our interests and common challenges. We listen to our local communities, as well as our global community, to know about local and global challenges.

We learn and tackle these challenges by collaborating with the best professionals, experts, and organizations in their fields.


Triple-E Model

We operate in three core fields of every ecosystem – Entrepreneurship, Education, and Entertainment. We deliver by carrying out collaborative projects and events in these fields.

We learn by doing, all our actions head towards one big transformation.


Even though nobody knows what lies ahead, that won’t stop us from trying our best to work towards the best future we can imagine.

We believe that proactive learning and doing can lead to a real transformation.

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We deliver by carrying out collaborative projects

We aim to reach our goals by fuelling all collaborations, validating, and scaling their impact. Whether you are an individual looking for help to get your idea springboarded, an artist looking for extra visibility, or a company/organization looking to solve a problem, Mansah Africa is the perfect network for you to reach a like-minded community for rapid connections and speed.